Man versus Ferry

Directed By: Gee Stewart A humorous cycling race of a man racing a ferry boat along a scenic Cape Breton Ocean coastal highway.

The Rabble

Directed By: Tim Polomani In the alternative reality, the power is held by scientific societies known as Academies, which mandate that every individual must complete an additional year of schooling. Liana decides to leave school and encounters two individuals facing the same predicament. Together, they grapple with the decision of how to navigate their lives […]

People & Wolves

Directed By: Rachel Tilseth For centuries, the Ojibwe have lived alongside their brother Ma’iingan, who we know in English to be the wolf. In February 2021, a Brutal assault, a hunt on their wolf relative, stirs emotion and grief for Ma’iingan as they know what happens to him will happen to them.


Directed By: Alexander Walker Miller In the near future, imperialist expansion has transcended our debilitated earthly plateau into the outer reaches of the infinite. One solitary traveler ventures into an uncharted celestial body where he encounters mystical alien emissaries that haunt and pursue him. Part science fiction with overtones of cosmic horror, Incubate is an […]

I Can’t Save You

Directed By: Stephen Michael Kelly Police Officer deals with the death of his partner, divorce and trying to reconcile with his young daughter.


Directed By: Dovid Loew History of propaganda films throughout history as employed by both totalitarian and democratic nations in times of crisis and war from 1915 until 2023.

Elephant Warriors

Directed By: Roberta Anne Staley Female conservation rangers are asserting themselves at the vanguard of wildlife conservation and gender equality in Kenya.

The Fourth Night

Written By: Mike Briock Genuine film noir crime thriller set in 1940. Los Angeles poses grave danger for New York Private Detective Steven Hawk who arrives in Los Angeles to find his client murdered. Steven is quickly pulled into a deadly and tangled web of blistering sexual tension, deceit, double-crosses, embezzlement, mobsters, murder, smoldering seduction, […]


Written By: Eric Faulkner A self-proclaimed womanizer and homophobic film director assumes the life of his gay, identical twin brother to find the perfect leading lady

Hi, Libido

Written By: Farook Qais On her journey into adulthood, a devout Muslim woman navigates the delicate balance between her family’s expectations, sexual fulfilment, and the idea of marrying for love.