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Delusional State

Directed By: Trelanda Lowe

Following a near-fatal accident at a party, Ryan McDillon must resolve his issues within thirty days according to Angel and Mr. Grim over a work-related bet the two have together. Ryan must make amends among the people in his life. He must maneuver through his dysfunctional family, a pregnant girlfriend, hiding his boyfriend from his girlfriend, dealing with his long-time best “friend” who only wants to keep Ryan in the party world for selfish reasons, navigating painful PTSD memories from his childhood pastor, and battling sobriety. However, if he fails, as a result of his choices, he will die. While climbing the corporate ladder alongside Mr. Grim and Angel, Mr. Grim and Angel will learn how they are tied to one another by rival colleagues who strive to beat them as well as climb the corporate ladder alongside them and fight for the top. This will cause more turbulence as Mr. Grim and Angel navigate their entry-level positions battling for a place at the top of the organization hierarchy to sit closer to their bosses. Still, Mr. Grim and Angel discover that achieving this mission will not be as smooth as expected. To add a competitive edge to the game, their bosses, God, and the devil, have raised the bar on Ryan’s life and other mortals. In the meantime, God and the devil wage war against each other and compete for mortal souls. Only some mortals will succeed and others will fail. However, there will be no definitive decision regarding who wins the next round. Meanwhile, the holy war reigns furiously.

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