Twenty Something

Written By: Erika Hambrick Elizabeth King and her closest friends do their best to figure out their lives in this wild and confusing climate of New York City in the 20s decade. After all, there‚Äôs no one teaching them how to survive being a young adult and nobody wants to waste all their time trying […]

The Red Zone

Written By: Terry Luke Podnar A superhuman running back in the American Football League plays the game of his life when he finds out he is part of a cloning experiment conducted by a rogue nation with ulterior motives.

Rainbow Connection

Written By: Trevian Leigh Covington Amateur filmmaker Kenny Flores bands with his high school’s pride club after their protest for the recently fired trans lunch lady turns violent. Kenny begins documenting everyone’s journeys to enter into the Virginia Film Festival to rehumanize the club to their ultra-conservative hick town.

Apartment 423

Written By: Mark Daniels Inspired by an actual incident, when a woman moves into a new apartment, a mystery reveals itself about its previous resident as strange events begin to occur.

A Guy, A Girl, A Gun

Written By: Casey Mensing A couple reaches the end of their tumultuous relationship as the city outside shakes to its core.