Growing Up Guide Pup

Directed By: Matthew Thomas Chapman rowing Up Guide Pup is a unscripted web series about two service dog maniacs named Amie and Matt. They started the first service dog organization in the world with a mission focused on education. Tax #ID 47-2288228. They produce films that promote community giving, edutainment, and lots of puppies. I […]

Death Penalty

Directed By: Adrian B. Morina The ultimate wish of the convicted criminal, which shook everyone in the courtroom, in anticipation of the execution, asked as his last wish that the letter was handed over to his mother. The letter read:

Delusional State

Directed By: Trelanda Lowe Following a near-fatal accident at a party, Ryan McDillon must resolve his issues within thirty days according to Angel and Mr. Grim over a work-related bet the two have together. Ryan must make amends among the people in his life. He must maneuver through his dysfunctional family, a pregnant girlfriend, hiding […]