Written by: Karren Winchester

An unsettling family and courtroom drama with flashes of surreal theatricality. Tom moves his family in to his recently heartbroken mother’s home on the marshes, with a plan to buy out her cheating ex’s half of the house. But two mothers, one roof, a screaming baby and temptation at work, in the arse end of nowhere wasn’t what Kirsty signed up for. She leaves, taking their baby, Elsie, to the dodgiest of households. When Tom raises concerns for his daughter’s safety, a furious Kirsty stops all contact and turns the tables on him. Allegations of every type imaginable are flung. Tom blows thousands of pounds in the fight to keep Elsie in his life, but the family courts need proof of innocence, not guilt it seems. Tom rides the roller-coaster of character assassinations in courtrooms across the county, his mother always at his side, But the ‘Hooded Man’, who feeds on his confidence, decency and sanity, drives the train.
Dead Sheep shines a brutal light on broken systems, broken trust and broken hearts.