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Play your movies confidently on big screen!

Movie Play is an international film festival that provides filmmakers a platform to share their stories through media who have a desire to showcase their indie films, scripts and much more. Movie Play is here to build your confidence and add another feather in your cap!

Play your movies confidently on big screen! It is your movie, play it with confidence.

Movie Play International Film Festival is a bespoke festival especially for Indie Filmmakers. The aim of Movie Play International Film Festival (MPIFF) is to support independent filmmakers and encourage them towards filmmaking. We would love to make your filmmaking experience the finest one!

“Movies are art and the spirit of the movie depends on the creators.” ― Lloyd Kaufman

Your movie is your art piece! It is your artistic creation of aesthetic value. Showcase it with ultimate confidence!

MPIFF is a monthly event with an online virtual seasonal festival as of now! The films of each season will be provided with a bonus to market and screen projects on our website at the end of the each season.

We are here to offer you the best platform that is as artistic as your filmmaking! We offer every filmmaker a place where they can experiment independently and be recognized for it.

Join MPIFF by submitting your film and showcase your film ideas!

Let’s Celebrate Indie Filmmaking! We welcome you to join us!